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Personalized health training
Performance-driven insights
Precise body composition analysis

Go beyond the scale and measure what matters: BCA


You are more than your scale or your BMI. With advanced insights into the way your personal body is composed through a Body Composition Analysis (BCA), fi nd out from LifeCentre’s registered nurses how your weight breaks down exactly, separating your fat from muscle and water, and how your body mass is distributed across your body, from your left and right arms and legs to your torso, to help you determine how balanced your muscles are so you can concentrate on what counts. Best of all, using InBody, the revolutionary BCA machine, you can use the exact insights of your Basal Metabolic Rate (the number of calories you uniquely burn at rest) to fine-tune the amount of calories you eat and help you achieve your health goals!

Our registered nurses at the LifeCentre offer you expert guidance to help you navigate your BCA results and come up with a plan to be a healthier you.

A clearer picture of health
Our registered nurses will assess your overall health, measure your body composition and uncover your unique needs for optimal nutrition, exercise and healthy living.
Insights to optimize your performance
Train smarter with insights on your lifestyle and unique body composition.
Precise personal measurements
Detailed analytics, including body fat, water balance, amount and distribution of muscle and an estimate of your personal Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Expert clinical analysis and guidance
Personalized recommendations and support from LifeCentre’s healthcare professionals.

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Personalized health training
Performance-driven insights
Precise body composition analysis